Thermocold achieves EUROVENT certification

Great news!

Thermocold is pleased to announce that air to water and water to water chillers and heat pumps are officially EUROVENT certified, undisputed synonymous of integrity and accuracy of products performance ratings. Eurovent is an international organization of manufacturers, committed to improving the standards of the products for air conditioning and refrigeration in the all European market.

It’s goal is to reinforce the confidence of the customer through homogenization of competitive conditions for all manufacturers while providing the correct and precise performance index.

Certifies performance according to international standards (EN14511)
Ensures the user of the operation conformity to the design specifications
Promotes the access to incentives and tax breaks
Allows comparison of different units with the same benchmarks
Not least in order of importance is the suitability of EUROVENT achieved even on the Testing cab R & D Laboratory. In fact, in the first week of September 2014 were held, for the first time, Tests for Certification Eurovent, in the presence of Lab Technicians Independent DMT Essen (D) sent by Eurovent. During this test, the cabin testing R & D Laboratory has been recognized as eligible for the stability and accuracy of measurement conditions, to achieve Performance Tests on products with power up to 450 kW. The R&D Laboratory is available for all our customers, who want to request Witnessed Test on products purchased in order to certify the claimed performance.

Eurovent certificate download

Discover at following link the list of certified Thermocold products: